about I'M

we are 19M

combined audience from all our talents' platforms

what we do

creators do their thing. we do ours.

We are the marketplace where content creators can express themselves through their own lines and get even closer to their communities.

To get the job done, we’ll do whatever it takes. In other words: we assist our creators on the whole process of building their own brands and product lines.

We help them draft a strategy, design the products, develop online shops. We handle production and manage logistics: stock, orders, shipping, even customer care, you name it.

With us, our creators can reach their community in new ways and explore new business opportunities. Without risk or early investment. Without worries.

why we do what we do

We believe there’s something good going on these days. We’re in a momentum where people embrace uniqueness - and we like that.

Nowadays, our world is more inclusive to each one’s world. Be what may, it’s your thing.

It’s all about your passions, your choices, your content. It’s your style, your kind of stuff. At least for now.

We love character, as it should be. Unique, lively, permeable. You share something, someone finds out, and it goes around and around. Some will relate, others don’t. Some will get inspired and make something different of it. And that’s ok.

We hold everything here, and we leave it up to you. This is the space that respects your space and brings all our worlds together.

If you think about it, a blended world is a world where everyone belongs to - and that’s promising.