At I’M we work shoulder to shoulder with the most renowned digital influencers, agencies and agents nationwide. Their combined audience reaches +19M people.

We felt the urge to speak out to their communities, their people, our people, through a collective movement of social conscience and contribution.

We have the responsibility to do something. It’s literally in our hands and now we will pass it on to yours, through a universal symbol - the circle. A round plane figure whose boundary consists of points equidistant from a fixed point, the centre. We are billions of small points, and though we are distant, we were never closer to the core of our needs as humans, as a species - not just to survive, but to thrive. 

Through this symbol, our wristband, we begin a loop of positivity where each one of us can proudly wear a powerful message of hope and support the fight against this ruthless pandemic.

You just wear the band, share it, and we take care of the rest.




100% of the wristband’s profits will be donated to Tech4covid19 - a technological community, committed to fight the good fight, spanning from medical support to home learning and virtual triage.

We will come together as a whole, we will come through as one and create a chain of positivity, love and closeness. This bond is infinite, this connecting halo is unbreakable and so is our belief that better days will come soon.


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